Our Story

“Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you about your destination”. 

In the Summer of 2012 three old friends signed a napkin contract for an art studio in NYC’s East Village. Each on their own creative path, they found a constant source of inspiration and support in one another. On any given night, after work, one could find Carmen making magic on her sewing machine, Michelle styling aspirational photoshoots, and Abbey pulling together all the pieces.

Soon, casual turned collective when the three came together on a clothing concept. Drawing from their love of music festivals and NYC grit – Woodstock meets Soho – the girls came together and formed their first line for their new brand, Bohemian Bones.

Almost instantly, Bohemian Bones saw its first order come in from Urban Outfitters. And then there were more orders. And more. Strong headwinds, driven by the rise of bohemian aesthetic and ramped music festival attendance, brought faster success than the market had anticipated. For example, their “Festival Romper” sold out in one day, and the girls knew their vision was working. Orders rolled in from major vendors including Revolve, Nasty Gal, and boutiques across the country.

However the fashion industry is ever-changing and fast fashion was beginning to take over the market. To compete with the low prices and quick turnaround, Bohemian Bones began mass production overseas. With orders growing in size, so did the amount of waste and over-production. This made the girls step back and analyze their contribution to this planet’s future, and why they were making clothes in the first place.

The girls are returning to their roots with Bare Bones. Introducing the modern, Californian, regenerative aesthetic into the cut and feel of the clothes, but also the supply chain, offers a return to a truly bohemian brand. 

Bare Bones uses upcycled knitted material dyed locally by sourced plants, fruits, and flowers. The warm colors are enhanced by drying naturally in sunlight, and further embellished with handmade embroidery and soy-bean based screen printing. Through the use of dead stock fabric and all natural dyes, there is zero contribution to chemical pollution and waste. Back to the Bare Bones.


Our shirts have a story.  You have the voice.